"Stuff happens through serendipity or default… sometimes through a plan or design…"

Julia Tybura, Executive Coach & Mentor

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An Executive Coach with executive experience

Julia is an executive coach, coaching supervisor, board director, NED/Trustee, mentor and HR&OD leader who combines practising as an astute, mindful and compassionate coach, national policy level access and thinking with a deep understanding of specific culture issues and their solutions.

Time to reflect...

Her executive coaching practice offers her clients time and space to discuss and reflect, visualise and strategise and supports them to explore and develop what they will do next.

To denote the importance of time and space to reflection in the Executive Coaching process

Julia's coaching philosophy, which is based on openness, trust and respectful challenge, supports clients to : 

Handle and navigate ambiguity

“A mentor ‘acts as a guide who assists an individual to learn faster and more effectively than they might do alone’” Arnold (2016:3)

Using ‘active listening’ and powerful questioning’, Julia is adept at helping her clients maximise their personal and professional potential.

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Complicated motorway intersection

Lead and facilitate in complex systems and communities

‘The more complex the context we face, the more difficult it is to identify clear goals early in the encounter’.

Julia ensures this trust is built with the individual in the context of their organisational and system politics, processes and policies.

Map and manage your stakeholders and relationships

A lot of Julia’s clients seek coaching support around how they can build a more effective relationship with their colleagues, managers, stakeholders or clients.

Her first question is usually ‘how do you know it is effective now?’ For more, check out the full blog post here.

Board pieces

Build your brand and present effectively as a senior leader

Julia’s clients have described her as ‘tenacious, energising and authentic’.

What’s your brand?

What would you like it to be?

What Julia's clients say...

By Default | By Design

“Julia plays my thinking back to me in ways that help me to understand myself and to challenge my thinking and understanding.”

“Julia provided a stretching approach to the conversations we had and challenged me to challenge my thinking.”

“I am able to use the pace and conversation with Julia to have a different perspective on the issue that I’m trying to solve.”

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